Class name: Chinese Instrument Guzheng / Chinese Zither
Class limit
: 6
: Ages 6 and up, adults
3:45pm - 4:45pm

Class Description 课程介绍:

Guzheng (古筝)is a traditional Chinese musical instrument that which has an origin dated more than 2000 years back. It is a beautifully looking musical instrument with pleasant sound. It is also one of the musical instrument that is not too difficult to start at entry level.

This class will focus on teaching a fusion of traditional and modern / pop music pieces with various Guzheng techniques. The teacher can help the students get the instrument.





Instructor: Yan Gu 顾岩

Yan (Monica) started Guzheng playing at 6 years old. She studied Guzheng with teachers from Nanjing University of the Arts and Jiangsu Musicians Association. She passed the tenth level (highest) of the Musical Exam in China.

She is very passionate about music and the Guzheng instrument. She plays both traditional Chinese Guzheng music and make arrangements of pop music to turn them into Guzheng music. She has performed in various Gala events in the Boston area. Her teaching goal is to promote the beautiful Chinese musical instrument, Chinese culture and music.

For her Guzheng musical pieces, you may checkout the playlist here: link