Class Name: SAT Preparation with Jumpstart Tutoring Services
Class Size: 15-20
Restrictions: None! We would prefer students in middle to high school but anyone wanting to be prepared to tackle the SAT can take the course!
Tuition: $145
Time: 3:45-4:45 PM per semester (Fall Semester only)<
Classroom: online zoom meeting


Class Description: 
The SAT has always played a big role in college admissions, and despite the recent wave of test optional policies at major universities around the country, there is still little doubt that a good SAT score gives an applicant a competitive edge in both admissions and scholarships. Given this, many families tend to hire expensive tutors to try to ace the test. However, much of this is unnecessary. In this course, top 1% scorers in the nation will teach students the basic strategies to answering both math and reading/writing questions, as well as how to best utilize online resources to get the best score possible. The end goal of the course is to have students feel prepared to tackle such a monumental task as taking the SAT and score as high as they can.  

Main Instructor: 

Michael Cai is a senior at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. He is the captain of the and Model UN teams there, and has founded a nonprofit organization in order to prepare students for the strenuous academic curriculum at AB, making him well versed in helping students improve at whatever they set their minds to. He is a top 1% scorer in both the SAT and PSAT. Having taken the SAT in the 8th grade and scoring in the top 1% percentile and working to improve the score, he knows how to utilize free resources online in order to attain the highest score possible! He is really excited to work with all the students this year.

James Cui is a senior at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. He is the captain of the Boys Volleyball team there and is part of its Science Olympiad team, the best in the state. He is also a top 1% scorer in the SAT. With the background of teaching foreign student English, being a TA at ACLS, and teaching younger kids volleyball he is very well versed in helping out younger students and teaching them the course. He is super excited to help students achieve their fullest potential in the SAT and in any other activity.