Class name: International Chess --- Intermediate Level
Class limit: 24
Restrictions: Ages 6 to 12
Tuition: $115
Time: 3:45pm - 4:45pm

Class Description:

This class is open for intermediate level and above chess players interested in learning chess skills, having fun, and furthering their general cognitive development. Students are assumed to have a good understanding of the moves and rules of chess. Class will consist of a short lecture on elementary tactics or a similar topic and then supervised play. Homework will be assigned.

Prerequisite: A minimum level of chess skill is required to register the class.  Attached are some problems that a new student is expected to be able to do without help.

In each problem, it is White's turn to move.  The student should be able draw an arrow with a pencil demonstrating a move that checkmates Black.  If the student is unable to independently do these problems then perhaps they would be better off registering for Beginning Chess or obtaining other chess experience before registering for Intermediate Chess.

Instructor: David West

He has played and taught chess for many years. His high school chess team tied for 3rd best in the nation and he reached the nationally-ranked “expert” class. He is the founder and chess coach in Carlisle Chess Club.