Class name: Math club-Topics in Middle School Contest Math and AMC 8 and 10
Class limit
: 20
: Rising grades 7-10
Time: 3:45pm - 4:45pm

Class Description:

This class will introduce advanced mathematical concepts that are essential to success in middle school math contests like the AMC 8 and MathCounts and provide a solid foundation for higher-level competitions such as the AMC 10. Topics covered include areas in Number Theory, Counting, Probability, Algebra, and Geometry that are not typically taught in a regular middle school math curriculum.

Classes will primarily focus on instruction. Concepts will be introduced and exercises worked through to strengthen understanding and application skills. Homework will be assigned to reinforce problem-solving strategies taught in class. Test-taking techniques and a problem-solving mindset will be emphasized.

A contest math class like this not only prepares your children for math competitions, but also helps build general math skills and test-taking strategies. It strengthens their comprehension of many important math concepts, trains them to better read and understand word problems, and increases their speed and accuracy. New students will discover in math competition a challenging and rewarding way to broaden their mathematical horizons, while returning students will continue to find a meaningful and enlightening learning experience.


Instructor: DongFei Li

Mrs Li got her MSc. in Actuarial Science and has many years teaching experience on mathematics, this is her third year to hold these mathematics contest related courses. She is a creative, organized teacher and a dynamic person who can motivate and inspire students and make a difference in their lives.