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Weekly Notes

Dear ACLS Families and Friends,

June 12nd will be our last school day in the Spring Semester. Thank you for your participation and support!

Online registration for Fall 2016 (Close Date: 6/12/2016)

Fall 2016 online registration to all existing and new students are currently open to all families. It will be closed on June 12th. There will be no walk-in registration until the 1st day of school (9/11/16) in Fall.

We encourage all families to pay their tuition fees through PayPal online payment. There are a few advantages for you to use PayPal: 1) you can pay anywhere and whenever to avoid the late payment charge; 2) PayPal keeps good records for every payment; 3) lessens the workload for the school admin team. For detailed instructions for PayPal, please follow this link:

Reminder for the “Facility Use Policy”:

As we are approaching the end of the school year, we would like to reiterate that every ACLS member should strictly follow "Facility Use Policy" to reflect our appreciation to both JHS's and Community Education's long-term support.

Please help to remind our children to follow the policy when school is in session. Every effort to preserve the classroom environment, in particular not using or removing any supplies as well as personal belongings in the classroom is greatly appreciated. This will help reflect our appreciation to both schools' and Community Education's long-term support. Please be aware that any violation could jeopardize ACLS's rental privileges.

Facility Use Policy

• Latex is strictly prohibited in Park Damon Building. Citrus products (such as oranges and orange juice) are strictly prohibited in JH building.
• No solicitation allowed during school hours.
• No food/beverage in the classroom/corridors anytime during the school except in big cafeteria and the designated places;
• No running/chasing/ screaming/sport in the corridors/lobby/cafeteria;
• Do not mark on the Wall/smart-Board/Desk in the classroom;
• Do not use or remove any supplies as well as personal belongings in the classroom;
• Pick-up and drop-off must be along counter-clock of circle in front of Jr High, no parking on the driveway.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at ACLS this Sunday!


Min Zhang and Xiangdong Xu
Principals of ACLS


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