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Weekly Notes

Dear ACLS Families and Friends,

We will have the co-existing day this Sunday. Here are some highlights and activities in school this week.

Facility Entrance/Usage for Co-Existing Day

  • The building does not open to ACLS until 1:45pm. Please do not enter the building prior to this time.
  • Please only use South Entrance near the gym to access all classrooms.
  • Please do not drop off at the front Entrance as it will slow down the traffic flow.
  • The auditorium, lobby, small cafe and big cafe won't be available to ACLS. Please do not enter these areas and/or sit in the lobby!!!

We will have additional ACLS staff assisting the transition/traffic this Sunday. Please follow their directions for entering into and use of the school facility. Please talk to our school staff should you have any questions regarding the entrance or facility use. Thank you for your support!

Jr High and Parker Damon building will open to ACLS families at 1:45 pm. 
• Admin office is in Room 409. For JHS facility related questions, please work with ACLS school administrative staff, who will help direct your question or request to the JHS staff on duty.
• Help desk/Parent Duty Sign-in Desk: in the lobby  by the big gym. 
• Parents on duty will meet at the Parent Duty Sign-in Desk at 1:45pm. Please ensure that you have signed in with our security personnel before you perform your duty.

VERY IMPORTANT !!! - Please take notice

  • In Jr. High building, please do not move any new funiture - tables and Chairs in the lobby area outside the cafeteria. These new tables and chairs must stay in their fixed locations.
  • In Parker Damon building, please do not cross into the other half of the multipurpose room that is used as classroom. Don't touch anything in that classroom. 

Please help to remind our children to follow the Use Facility Policy when school is in session. Every effort to preserve the classroom environment, in particular not using or removing any supplies as well as personal belongings in the classroom is greatly appreciated. This will help reflect our appreciation to both schools' and Community Education's long-term support. Please be aware that any violation could jeopardize ACLS's rental privileges.

Use Facility Policy
• Latex is strictly prohibited in Park Damon Building. Citrus products (such as oranges and orange juice) are strictly prohibited in JH building.
• No solicitation allowed during school hours.
• No food/beverage in the classroom/corridors anytime during the school except in big cafeteria and the designated places;
• No running/chasing/ screaming/sport in the corridors/lobby/cafeteria;
• Do not mark on the Wall/smart-Board/Desk in the classroom;
• Do not use or remove any supplies as well as personal belongings in the classroom;
• Pick-up and drop-off must be along counter-clock of circle in front of Jr High, no parking on the driveway.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at ACLS this Sunday!


Xiangdong Xu and Xia Man
Principals of ACLS




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