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Class Placement Policy

Class Placement Policy


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Each school year the placement for our students takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and thought from all of us at the ACLS. Our admin team spends many hours putting groups with a manageable Chinese language spread and providing a positive social experience, which will in turn benefit every student at the ACLS.


Parents and guardians can assist in this process by trusting that our knowledge and familiarity with your child(ren) will lead to good decisions and good groupings for all students. The factors used by the school staff for student placement will include:

  • Balance of classes

  • Male/female ratio

  • Available teaching/classroom resources

  • Individual needs of students


We welcome your input regarding your child’s learning style; however we are not soliciting this information. We might make it equally clear that we cannot accept specific requests for individual teachers to enter into the actual placement process. Please note that the final decision regarding student placement will be the sole responsibility of the ACLS Principals.

No other ACLS staff or teacher is duly authorized to promise any specific outcome of the placement process.


The vast majority of parents leave the placement process solely in our hands. The most constructive way parents/guardians may involve themselves should they so choose is to communicate with the Principals/Deans regarding your child’s needs, any learning style and social/emotional issues you would like ACLS to consider.


We can attest without hesitation that your youngsters continue to grow and flourish together with the ACLS. All of us at the ACLS are impressed with their zest for Chinese language and culture, as we attempt to guide them through this important and schooling process.


Should you have any questions please contact us without hesitation.



ACLS Principals




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