Class name: Chinese Language for Adults
Class limit
: 20
3:50pm - 4:50pm

Class Description:

The goal of this class is to make learning Chinese simple, fun and interesting. By the end of the first semester, students should be able to read in Pinyin and learn some basic dialogues. Some basic information about Chinese characters and the way they are formed, especially the pictographs will be introduced, and some simple and useful words will be learnt in Pinyin and/or Chinese characters. Combining instruction and practices in a short period of time, with multimedia assistance, our teacher uses accelerated teaching methods to ensure students to acquire language skills for effective communication and culture background.

More topics about Chinese culture and custom, history, geography etc. may be covered in the future.

Note: Classes with insufficient enrollment will be combined into one level.

Instructor: Ping Hu

Ping Hu
Mr. Hu is an excellent Chinese teacher who has been teaching in many Chinese schools such as Lexington Chinese SchoolAndover Chinese SchoolCambridge Chinese Culture CenterWinchester Chinese School. He has also provided private tutoring for adults and youth who have no Chinese at all or speak Cantonese only.