Class name: Programming with Python
Class limit
: 15
: Ages 10 and up
3:45pm - 4:45pm

Class Description:

The class will teach the basics of programming, as well as some more advanced topics like Object Oriented Programming

Software requirements: python IDLE

Week 1: Introductions/Overview, quick intro to syntax, indentation, variables
Week 2: Basic data types, Boolean logic, if/else, loop, comments
Week 3: Functions
Week 4: built in functions, strings
Week 5: advanced sequences topic, list, tuples
Week 6: advanced data structures, set, dict, and operations
Week 7: Modules
Week 8: Classes, constructors
Week 9: Continue on Classes, inheritance
Week 10: Miscellaneous topics like debugging, libraries
Week 11: List comprehensions, regular expressions
Week 12: Iterators, Generators, lambda functions
Week 13: big review, Final project
Week 14: Final project

Class Instructor: Yongkui Han and TA

Yongkui Han is an experienced software engineer. He works at Cisco in Boxborough. He has 10+ years of python programming experience and uses Python during his daily work. He also served as volunteer soccer coach and chess club assistant for the children in elementary schools.