Class name: Power Yoga By Ally
Class limit
: 24
: Both Men and Women are very welcome
3:45pm - 4:35pm
small cafe

Class Description:

The class will practice most classic yoga elements, including stretching, balance, power movement, endurance and relaxation. The aim is to help improve your flexibility, stability, breathing, body alignment, concentration, and burning the fat.

The class is mixed of power and restorative style of yoga, it provides toning of your whole body by rejuvenating all systems of the body including the circulatory, glandular system, digestive, nervous, musculoskeletal, reproductive and respiratory systems, and also shape & strengthen your many weakest areas, i.e. upper arm & leg, shoulder & neck and abdomen & lower back. You will achieve better control of the body and mind, reduce the damage of daily stress and improve overall health.

No prior yoga experience is required. This class is for beginner to intermediate level. Recommendation will be provided during each movement for both beginner and experienced throughout the session.

Note: Please dress in comfortable clothes and bring your own yoga mat.

Class Instructor: Ally Li

Ally is an advocate of healthy living and a big long time fan of yoga, aerobics, and dancing exercise. Ally has been practicing yoga for 18 years, teaching yoga for 9 years. She has danced almost all her life.

She is a certified and registered yoga instructor in Yoga Alliance(the most credible Yoga instructor organization in North America). She had taught classes in corporate, community education center, schools and etc. Currently she is a fitness instructor (Yoga and Zumba) in TakeCareHealth which is the leading provider of workplace fitness program.

Yoga is a life time passion and learning journey for her. She wants to share the fun and benefit of yoga with more friends in local community. It has been the 10th year since she first introduced Yoga in ACLS. Serving the community is a great satisfaction for her.