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Dear ACLS Families and Friends,

No ACLS classes this Sunday, 2/18/2024. Our next ACLS classes will be on 2/25. Enjoy a wonderful spring break!


ACLS 2024 Spring Gala pictures and videos:

Pictures on google drive: Here

Videos on Youtube:

ACLS 2024-02-04 E1
ACLS 2024-02-04 E2
ACLS 2024-02-04 E3


ACLS Culture Classes

ACLS offers a diverse range of culture classes spanning various categories. Our art classes include Adult Chores Club, Acrylic Painting, Creative Painting for Children, Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners, and Chinese Instrument Pipa. For fitness enthusiasts, we provide Tai Chi for adults and Ping Pong for both adults and children, 成人民族民间古典舞蹈班, Children's Dance Class, Fencing I/II for Children, International Chess, Adult Badminton and Basketball clubs. Additionally, we offer classes aimed at enhancing students' academic abilities, such as Introduction to Debate and Math Olympiads, Math - AMC 8, and Making Games with Python. This semester we have added three new culture classes.

This new semester, we are opening three new culture classes:


  1. Creative writing: 创意写作
  2. Throughout the class, students will learn about literary devices and techniques. 
  3. Students will then learn how to create the integral parts of a story: setting, character, purpose, and action. 
  4. With a focus on fun and introspective topics, students will write their own short stories to be critiqued by both peers and instructor as well as anthologized. 

 This class is for any aspiring writer with a story to tell! (prefer 6-8 Grade)

  1. Adult Yoga: 成人瑜伽 (to be online for registration this week)

 哈他基础瑜伽 2:30-3:30    

  1. 普拉提 3:45-445



 (多年执教经验及YogaAlliance 200RYT 和普拉提认证)

#瑜伽 #普拉提 #健康生活

每个人都能找到适合自己的练习。不仅能缓解压力和焦虑,还提高灵活性、平衡力,改善睡眠。走进瑜伽和普拉提的世界,享受全新的健康生活!欢迎大家周日来中文学校体验!#温馨提示: 请带自己的瑜伽垫

 ACLS Culture Classes still have available slots. Kindly register for these classes at your earliest convenience.

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    - Please review and contact the ACLS Admin Team for specific questions. You can always send email to Principals if you don't know who to contact.

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Ting Chen and Ally Lee
Principals of ACLS







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